Friday, June 20, 2008

Obamatons in Mutiny Over FISA

They're so cute when they're having a temper tantrum.

Savor the irony of the Obama droids on his website throwing Obama under the bus.
I'm prepared to donate an additional $200 (the entirety of my personal savings) to his campaign if he can get this thing stopped, or at least convince me he did *everything he could*. But if this passes by without serious action on his part, I won't give another dollar.
What's more pathetic, these morons don't understand we're in a war against terrorists or that some loser with only $200 to his name would give it to Obama? The comments are also amusing.
By Ryan Patrick Flanders

I went to Iowa for Obama, and I maintain a pro-Obama blog.

If this doesn't change, I'll give his campaign no more contributions of my time or money.

And you better believe this is going up on my blog, too!

Seriously! This isn't "CHANGE!"
To paraphrase Homer Simpson: "Stupid Flanders!"

Speaking of The Messiah, he's unveiled a snappy new presidential seal today. To make him look presidential, I guess. Makes him look presumptuous, if anything. Of course, the amateur doesn't even realize he's in violation of federal law. Not that the law means much to Democrats.

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