Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bizarro World Account of DNC

Something called the Asian Tribune has a very interesting account of the first couple of days of the Democrat Convention. Mind you, there's clearly some language barrier here, but this is a rather curious piece of propaganda.
Barrack Obama will be nominated by unanimous voice acclaim at the convention. The suggested roll call to include Hilary Clinton’s name would not be followed, according the latest press reports. Party officials were quoted that this would finally settle any divisions among the delegates. Yesterday, Invesco Field in Denver came alive as Michelle Obama got a rousing reception from over 25,000 delegates and guests at the Democratic Convention yesterday. Barrack Obama’s wife delivered a flawless account of how the Obamas and their family had achieved overwhelming public support through years of dedicated work. Hillary and Bill Clinton will lend their luster to the Democratic Convention on Tuesday and Wednesday as they take center stage with appearances making a solid pitch for unity. No Clinton posters were seen inside the Convention setting. Outside, there were some protesters.

So, the delegates and guests, watched by Joe Biden, the vastly experienced chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee running as the vice presidential pick, things were going well for the Democrats. The actual physical space has been turned into a coronation with it posh appearance. The mile mile-high sports arena is now a colossal open-air theatre where Obama will deliver his acceptance speech before 80,000 people
Micherlle Obama received general applause in all main TV channels for presenting a factual account of their lives and how Barrack Obama had ventured into the realm of politics. The story touched on the aspirations of Obama in striving for a lofty goal of serving everyone with respect and dignity. Mitchelle speech completely annulled any impressions reportedly injected by those trying to paint her as an angry and gruntled person. She and her two daughters were shown talking to Obama who came into the screen watching things from a friend's home in San Louis.

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