Saturday, August 23, 2008

Clinton Insider on Biden Pick: 'Maybe It's a Death Wish'

Unity, baby!
Sen. Barack Obama's decision to pick Sen. Joe Biden instead of former challenger Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton left insiders in her camp disappointed - and thinking he missed a great opportunity.

Several said they understood the logic behind choosing Biden - his foreign policy credentials are second to none in the field of people Obama surveyed for the job - but thought Clinton was equally qualified.

"I think the two of them together would beat John McCain," said one Clinton insider, adding that with Biden: "In a week, we're not going to be talking about his pick, he's going to be right back where he was (in the polls)."

"I can't give you an answer, I don't think anybody else can," said longtime Clinton friend and donor Alan Patricof.

"I frankly can't understand why, and I assume he must have some reasons that are unknown to me, but he's thought all the issues out and weighed all the factors ... and decided (someone else) is the best."
Sounds like there will be hell to pay.

Has Hillary launched that 2012 campaign yet?

Obviously, there are reasons why Obama decided against Mrs. Clinton. Like they hate each others guts, for example.

Ah well, let the fun begin in Denver.
Of course, Biden also provides no electoral boost - he hails from Delaware - and several Clinton supporters bitterly noted that he has own baggage from his 1988 presidential run, where he was ensnared in a plagiarism scandal.

"Maybe it's a death wish," snapped one Clinton insider.
I wonder what Harriet Christian has to say today?

Hmm, you know that meeting earlier this week with Hillary and McCain supporters seems rather interesting now in hindsight.

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Awesomely awesome: Top Clinton advisors tell CNN they’re outraged by how she was treated

It's on!

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Oh my.

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