Monday, August 25, 2008

Fever Swamps: McCain Has Alzheimers, Will Retire and Make Lieberman President

Nothing like an early morning dose of raging anti-Semitism to get the day started.

This is one sick Kos Kid, quoting this dubious source. Of course, they haven't quite figured out the part where McCain makes Lieberman his running mate and wins the election first, but why quibble with minor details when you have such hatred?
"Such heart-warming news! High level Republican associates here are talking about the latest ploy on the part of the State of Israel to gain complete control of the United States government. Their idea is to offer the diseased McCain unlimited support from their papers and television stations in return for his putting Joe Lieberman on the ticket as vice president. As McCain is known to be seriously ill and will soon be unable to function, the plan will be for him to retire "for reasons of health" and then Joe Lieberman, loud and persistent Israeli supporter, will step into the Oval Office and America will have her first (unelected) Jewish president. And a firmly dedicated Zionist at that! Many GOP people say putting Lieberman on the ticket will ruin any chance McCain has at the White House. Why? His obvious mental confusion? No, the American public is becoming seriously anti-Semitic and anti-Israel and if McCain attempts to support a universal draft (as he is dead set on doing) and has a rabid Zionist as a running mate, his fall will be great and he will drag the shattered remnants of the Republican Party with him. Thank God!"
Cue the Twilight Zone theme.

Naturally, the comments are filled with wild-eyed tales of dementia and senility.

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