Saturday, August 23, 2008

Despondent Kos Kid: 'If It Were Up To Me, John Edwards Would Be Choosing a Running Mate Today'

The "reality-based community" weighs in on the Joe Biden selection, wondering with bewilderment where his text message is.
Getting all my requisite truths out of the way, suffice it to say I've been wrong on some of my guesses this past year-and-a-half and definitely have shown my lack of expertise in the ways of vanquishing primary opponents and nay-sayers.

If it were up to me, John Edwards would be choosing a running mate today... amidst a chorus of whispers that he has a mistress.

Or, Barack Obama would have already chosen John Edwards as his running mate... amidst a chorus of whispers that he has a mistress.

Or, Barack would've pounced on McCain a lot sooner instead of waiting for the watermelon goodness of a pitch that housegate is and will continue to be as it trickles down to the lo-infos. Nice swing on that one, Barry... you didn't peak too soon because I'm not running the show.

There are more, but when those caveats are depleted the only thing I can do with this morning's news is yawn.

First and foremost, I haven't received my text message so I know not what curveball we may have in store for us. I DO get the feeling that a campaign that has run it's tech operation as fluidly as a Michael Phelps launch has a twist in store for us in the next two to three hours.

That, or it has egg on its face for firing too late and letting the hornet's nest of a media swarm around it after it was poked all this past week and is desperately mad at being played. I have to believe the media is still being played. I hope this is not my River in Egypt moment because if it is, it's a turnoff. BO didn't call ME first and he picked Uncle Joe to boot!

I know he doesn't need a rock star beside him because he already is one. I also know that Biden is good with the spoken and written word and that is a wieldy skill that's going to be needed in the real world.

But we don't live in the real world. We live in America... where fucktards rule and the educated are shunned. So this choice is a yawn. I don't feel it's right to have to appeal to sheeples who know nothing of policy and who just want their government to wrap it's national security arms around them, but it's necessary to peel away a few at the ballot box.
Meanwhile, look for this post by Kos himself to disappear down the memory hole before long.
Really, if we live in a just world, this will be the end of Joe Biden's political career.

Apparently, the head genius over at the swamp hasn't gotten the news yet.
This has been the best veep rollout EVER. But alas, all good things must come to an end.
Brilliant! We've got a lot of campaign a head of us, but this has been the Obama campaign's finest operation thus far.

Just so happens the media knew first.

What a rube.

Other assorted Kos Kid reaction: Biden? Is this some kind of sick joke?

Then they pretend there's silence from the GOP. I guessed they missed this ad.

Finally, there's this head-spinning reaction: Biden's Anti-Obama and Pro-McCain Statements Can Benefit Obama

Sure. Keep believing that.

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