Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Bill Ayers

How ironic that on the day The Messiah was handed the Democrat nomination and his supporters were busy intimidating a radio station, his terrorist buddy was celebrating his 40th anniversary of being arrested at the Chicago DNC in 1968. Somehow I overlooked this special moment yesterday and I was busy trying to stifle a tingling sensation coursing up my leg as He descended upon Denver.
For those Democrats who are too young to have a proper appreciation of their party's history, which likely includes most of Senator Obama's supporters, we direct your attention to a memorable moment in DNC history that shows how the current nominee really is connected to the party's past as much as its future.

It was forty years ago today that Barack Obama friend and political ally, and unrepentant terrorists, William Ayers was arrested while protesting the DNC proceedings. William Ayers set no bombs that day, but he was only working his way up from petty criminal to domestic terrorist. And of course this was long before Barack Obama and he struck up the friendship that would lead Ayers to launch Obama's political career at his house.

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