Saturday, August 30, 2008

The GOP Hates Women So Much They Decide to Put One On the Ticket

The Kos Kidz are so cute when they project. Much less cuter when you try to figure out what torments these psychopaths so much.

Anyway, this one jumps to the head of the pack for unhinged nutroots blogpost of the day, although the day is very young still.

I think the essence of it is Republicans hate women so much so they put one on the presidential ticket. Or something like that.
Instead, the amalgam of cranks, kooks and lunatics, whose religious beliefs must be mine or else, who are frustrated by the demise of the Soviet Union as a cause to rally against, or even declare war on, who tried to run the last Democratic president out of office by a hypocrisy that was breathtaking (they impeached him!!! but couldn't find one member of their party willing to question why their President was reading books to schoolchildren and vacationing after receiving information of a impeding attack on this country), pretends to be outraged that Senator Obama did not pick the admirable Senator Clinton as his running mate, and offers the governor of a state who has served for two years and tells us that experience makes her more qualified than Senator Obama to be president.
So much psychosis, all jammed into one sentence.

You know you have a serious psychological imbalance when the guy calls both Paul Krugman and John Kerry brilliant.

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