Friday, August 29, 2008

Krazy Keith Cries for More Security

The increasingly delusional and paranoid MessNBC blowhard Keith Olbermann apparently is starting to equare his nutroots idolatry with actual popularity.

As if any sane person even gives a hoot enough about this boob that he'd have to fear for his safety. He should probably be more concerned with the women he used and discarded after a failed night of sex.
MSNBC's increasingly paranoid Keith Olbermann is threatening to quit unless his bosses beef up his security, sources say.

Olbermann - upset to be anchoring at the Democratic National Convention from an outdoor set near Denver's train station - "announced that his bosses [had] better find a more secure location for him to broadcast from at the Republican National Convention [in St. Paul, Minn.] or he's not going," one insider said. "He thinks someone will assassinate him." MSNBC had no comment.

Even before he left New York, the biggest mouth at MSNBC was worried about his safety. When a car was late to take him to the airport, Olbermann threatened via e-mail to stay home, another insider told Page Six. The blowhard whined to producers, "I could have been attacked on the street."
I get the feeling this idiot was slapped around a lot on the playgrounds and still has lingeing fears someone's going to sneak up andgive him a wedgie.

Seriously, who'd waste a second to take a shot at this clown. You'd just have to approach him and go "boo" and he's curl up in the fetal position.

What a loser.

Meanwhile, Olbermann continues making more friends in the media.
So Olbermann was outraged that the AP's Babington had written, in his analysis of the speech, just off the wire, that Obama had tried nothing new and that his speech was lacking in specifics. He read the first few paragraphs on the air, lamented that it would be printed in hundred of newspapers on Friday, and concluded, "It is analysis that strikes me as having born no resemblance to the speech you and I just watched. None whatsoever. And for it to be distributed by the lone national news organization in terms of wire copy to newspapers around the country and web sites is a remarkable failure of that news organization.

"Charles Babington, find a new line of work."

Olberman even criticized the reporter on his time-keeping, noting that the article said the speech was 35 minutes long when it was, he said, actually 44 minutes long. A few minutes later, the AP copy showing up at news sites had been corrected to "44 minutes."
For a guy who's been fired as many times as Olbermann, suggesting someone find another line of work is most amusing.

As noted at NewsBusters, the modern-day Murrow apparently found out about Babington's piece while surfing the Daily Kos sewer while on the air.

Very professional.

The only security surrounding the clown should be from NBC as they watch him clean out his desk.

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