Thursday, August 28, 2008

Joe Biden's Foreign Policy Problems

Greasy Joe may have seniority, but it doesn't necessarily translate into worthwhile experience.

The author is from Chicago. I just hope the Obama people don't try and silence him.
While Biden was busy supporting partition, he was opposing the plan by Gen. David Petraeus to use a new strategy to win the war and hold the country together. Petraeus wanted to deploy more troops to Baghdad to clear, secure and hold neighborhoods. Biden's response, in June 2007, was strong and unequivocal: "The surge isn't going to work either tactically or strategically." John McCain risked his political career to take the opposite view. He will not let Biden off the hook easily.

In what promises to be a tight, hard-fought race, Biden's foreign-policy expertise is not the asset Obama was seeking for victory in November.
Meanwhile, Conservative Punk notes a bizarre claim from the left relating to Biden's dubious experience.

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