Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Memo to Chocolate City: Try Being Prepared This Time

The media and Democrats have shamelessly milked the astonishing lack of preparedness prior to Hurricane Katrina and pretended the whole thing was George W. Bush's fault.

Well, you're on notice, folks. If you're told to leave again, get out. Otherwise, I don't want to hear any whining.
"We know it's going to head into the Gulf. After that, we're not sure where it's heading," said Rebecca Waddington, a meteorologist at the Miami-based National Hurricane Center. "For that reason, everyone in Gulf needs to be monitoring the storm. At that point, we're expecting it to be a Category 3 hurricane."

The tentative forecast track pointed Wednesday toward Louisiana and Mississippi, which took the brunt of Hurricane Katrina three years ago Friday. But the average error in five-day forecasts is about 310 miles (500 kms) in either direction, meaning the likeliest targets could be anywhere from south Texas to the Florida panhandle.
The Army Corps of Engineers is looking to guard the West bank levees.

Fortunately, Louisiana now has a competent Governor in Bobby Jindal. Unfortunately that moron Ray Nagin is still in charge of New Orleans.

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