Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Too Good To Be True: Obama Plans 'On the Road to Change' Bus Tour

Following his Greek-style coronation tomorrow night, The Messiah actually plans a bus tour with Greasy Joe and the charming Stepford Wife, Michelle Obama. How amusing is this? A guy who's spent the better part of six months throwing his radical associates under the bus is actually going to campaign on one.

I pray for Joe Biden's own safety he doesn't order Michelle to the back of the bus.

Team McCain must already be cueing up the jokes.

Alas, there's but one minor problem. They desperately want to avoid Detroit.
It is the limbo that is killing Detroit.

The mayoral scandal that affects so much, and is being talked about so much here in Denver, may now be affecting whether a new Obama-Biden bus tour stops in Motown.

Sens. Barack Obama and Joe Biden and their wives will board a bus here Friday for a tour of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan, the campaign announced this morning. The foursome head from here to Pennsylvania, the first stop on the bus tour. But the campaign would not say whether the tour's Michigan leg includes a stop in Detroit.

Called the “On the Road to Change” tour, to mobile message machine was planned to give the senators their first joint opportunity to talk with voters about the economy.

A stop in Detroit, the city hit the hardest in the state hit the hardest by an economy that is hitting America hard, is a no-brainer.

But it’s not an automatic yes. And that’s a shame.

Sen. Barack Obama has not been near Detroit since June when he attended a major fund-raiser and a rally at Joe Louis Arena.

That was weeks before Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s woes worsened. He was charged with assaulting a sheriff’s deputy and, in a separate case, spent a night in jail for violating his bond by leaving the country.

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