Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kos Kid: 'Michelle Obama Captures Your Inner Being'

You can't make this stuff up. An angry America-hating shrew gets up and pretends she cares about America, and the gullible rubes lap it up.
Michelle Obama will be famous in her own right. Even if Barack Obama never reaches his goal of the Presidency, I strongly feel that Michelle will someday be in the history books. She gives a speech that comes from the heart, mind and soul. Her words capture you inner being and won't let go till she's decided to release you.
This speech was not about the ‘race’ of the candidate and his family or how tall they are or how short they are. It wasn’t about how Hillary made history. It was about a family of four that is willing to give up a very precious part of their lives so that others may live a bit easier. Please, can’t you give them the respect they deserve – at least for an evening?
If that's the case, why is George Hussein Obama living in a ramshackle hut?

Update: Apparently, while the Stepford Obama was capturing your inner being she was channeling her inner Communist.

Either the MSM is too stupid to figure this out or they're complicit in concealing this from the public. Either way, they're guilty.

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