Saturday, August 23, 2008

Forget Racism, Let's Worry About 'Colorism'

These folks at the New York Times have way too much time on their hands.

So obsessed with race, this genius actually admits racism is declining (thanks in no part to the race grievance culture on the left), but now introduces something else to fret about: colorism.
Among other things, the authors coded the appearances of all African-Americans elected to the House, the Senate, or a governorship, going back to 1865. They report that “light skinned [black people] have always been considerably overrepresented and dark-skinned blacks dramatically underrepresented as elected officials.’’
Well, maybe this explains the rise of Barack Obama. Perhaps Democrats feel safe voting for the black guy who isn't that dark.
The country is moving away from the blunt-force racism that once banished black people to the other side of the Jim Crow line. But we have entered a period of secondary discrimination — or “colorism’’ — that will be difficult to overthrow.
Yes, it will be difficult to overthrow, especially with the race industry shoving it down our throats every day.

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