Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nutroots Brownshirts Threaten AP

Goodness, these twits can't handle even the slightest criticism of The Messiah. This drooling moron is so upset she's practically threatening to burn down the AP offices and hang the editors in public.

Seriously, do these clowns ever step back and see what babies they are? Honestly, who the fuck do they think they are that they can order a news organization how to run their business? Sure, I rail enough about media bias, but the thought never occurred to me to demand someone be removed from their job.
It is for these very reasons that Fournier's predecessor (and former mentor) at the AP, Sandy Johnson, expressed her concern by saying "I loved the Washington bureau...I just hope he doesn’t destroy it.”

When the AP's Nedra Pickler acted as a GOP operative we generated over 15,000 letters to the editor at papers that carry the AP wire stories across the country, letting them hear from their own subscribers that this kind of propaganda is not acceptable as campaign coverage.

It's time to crank that tool out again. Ron Fournier must be taken off the Presidential beat. He's got an obvious conflict-of-interest.
Seems the schmucks at are also in on the gag.

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