Friday, August 22, 2008


Media speculation on Barack Obama's running mate has reached mind-numbing proportions, but this looks like as good a tip as any.
Michael Mahoney, the political reporter for Kansas City TV station KMBC is reporting that a printing plant in Lenexa, Kansas is today hastily churning out hundreds of thousands of bumper stickers with the names Obama and -- wait for it -- Bayh 08.

So two senators from next door states -- Barack Obama of Illinois and Evan Bayh of Indiana, former governor and son of former Democratic presidential candidate.

It could speculative, of course. But Kansas isn't so far from Denver, you know. And Obama has said that geography would not be the major factor it has been sometimes before. Remember Bill Clinton of Arkansas picked Al Gore from next door Tennessee.

The printing plant is not saying anything. But this is just a heads-up before you get the Tweet or text message tonight. It could be an O-B ticket.
Although this would indicate Bayh is not it.

Look for an announcement in the morning.

Oddsmakers say it may just be Greasy Joe.

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