Friday, August 22, 2008

Fox Ratings Soar, Moonbat Heads Explode

Even when Bill O'Reilly isn't on, Fox News Channel doubles the ratings of MessNBC.

The best part of this is reading the comments of the Fox haters. Truly a deranged bunch.
Cowboysfan comments:
August 22, 2008
Faux News is the most dangerous news channel in our nation. They are very right wing slanted and will do anything to make sure any type of liberal bias does not get played in a positive and enlightening view. Faux news is the start of an already growing fascist society in our nation. We are following the path of Nazi Germany where they slowly used media and propaganda to instill fear into people's hearts. That is going on with Faux. Those that watch faux don't think that they are being brainwashed. But in the future you will see a more militant and more ultra right wing slant from Faux. And before you all know it, they will be calling for citizens to look for Muslims and gays on the streets so that they can be tried and arrested for terrorist activities.

wjschmidt comments:
August 21, 2008
I listen to Hannity et. al. on Fox when I'm sitting in traffic...I write down the numbers to all the advertizers I can and tell them I will not buy thier products since they support neo-nazi proganda. "Sean, you're a great American." What a sad joke...

Thinker comments:
August 21, 2008
Faux News! News for the simpletons who think the earth is flat and Bush is a smart guy! Why read or think for yourself when you can get your 'news' from the right-wing haters of America who dupe the masses while they destroy this nation and its constitution... Mission Accomplished indeed!

Faux NEWS comments:
August 21, 2008
If you watch Faux News. I already know 1) You're white 2) You're racist 3) You overweight/balding 4) You have a lotta money 5) But women aren't impressed, and you pay for hookers 6) All black guys have a bigger schlong than you. :)

Faux News comments:
August 21, 2008
O'Reilly has a gay sex tape. Mccain was never a POW. Just a story his admiral father hooked up- so he could serve without being harmed.

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