Monday, May 04, 2009

Super-Genius President Celebrates 'Cinco de Cuatro'

Oh yeah, and Bush was the idiot. Funny thing is, at least Bush can speak Spanish. As far as I know, Obama and his Teleprompter only speak English. No doubt the cerebral titans over at MSNBC and The Daily Show will be yukking it up over this gaffe.
President Barack Obama is celebrating Cinco de Mayo a little early.

On the eve of the Mexican holiday, Obama on Monday had an event in the East Room of the White House with Mexico's Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan.

Obama joked that it was "Cinco de Cuatro," botching a play on the Spanish word for "four" when he meant to say "Cuatro de Mayo," or the Fourth of May. He tried again, but he still did not get it right.

Moving past the jumbled translation, the president assured his guests that the White House wants to be early in commemorating the holiday.
Nice to see how his AP stenographer reminds us what he meant to say. How about he meant to say what he actually said and the dunce just doesn't know elementary Spanish?

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