Friday, October 30, 2009

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

The most ethical congress evah!
Time to crack that whip Nancy.

The Washington Post article only names a few of the more then 30 members of congress under investigation for various ethics questions, but off course there are the usual suspects, actually more like those with an ongoing record of ethical problems. It seems congress critters have the recidivism rate of pedophiles.

There's John Murtha and Charlie Rangel along with Maxine Waters and Jane Harman. All Democrats. I will be curious to see if we ever get a peek at the complete list.
The committee did not detail the two newly disclosed investigations. However, according to the July document, Rep. Maxine Waters, a high-ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, came under scrutiny because of activities involving OneUnited Bank of Massachusetts, in which her husband owns at least $250,000 in stock.

Waters arranged a September 2008 meeting at the Treasury Department where OneUnited executives asked for government money. In December, Treasury selected OneUnited as an early participant in the bank bailout program, injecting $12.1 million.

The other, Rep. Laura Richardson, may have failed to mention property, income and liabilities on financial disclosure forms.

Time to clean house folks.

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