Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hannah Giles Has Some Question for the Media

Since Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe exposed ACORN and the media as total frauds, it seems the media still hasn't learned their lesson.

Hannah has some questions for the liberal media today.
But rather than simply pointing a finger and complaining, here are some loose ends the media ignored, from our footage alone, that warrant attention.

With regard to the children:

· Baltimore-Why no mention of the toddlers that were in the room while James and I were being counseled on how to manage our underage prostitution ring?

· San Bernardino-The content of this video was largely ignored except for the part where Tresa Kaelke mentions she shot her husband. What about when she told us not to educate our sex-slaves because they won’t want to work for us? Or when we talked about making more money off clients who are permitted to physically abuse the girls? What about the whole transport-the-girls-in-a-school-bus-to-avoid-suspicion discussion?

Attention to the masses:

· Washington, DC- Why were we counseled by ACORN during a first time homebuyer’s seminar, while 30-40 other first time homebuyers sat scrammed in a hot room?

· Brooklyn- This office was swarmed with people, busy staff members and a full waiting room. Did we take our number and wait in line? Nope. Why were we given the private attention of three ACORN staffers, when more deserving and less intrusive clientele patiently waited?

The political games:

· San Bernardino: What happened to the list of politicians that Ms. Kaelke rattled off when she spoke of her ACORN office’s community involvement and influence? Has anyone set out to uncover just how close these politicians relationships are with the San Bernardino ACORN? Does anyone even remember the names?

· San Diego: Has anyone questioned why Juan Carlos would want to help smuggle girls across the Mexican border right after an ACORN-sponsored immigration parade???

· Philadelphia: Why did the Philly office go into damage control mode as soon as the Baltimore story first broke? What do they have to hide?
Good questions all. A shame the state-controlled President Approved Pundits aren't interesting in finding the answers.

No wonder nobody has respect for the media any longer.

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