Sunday, October 25, 2009

Huge NY Rally for Mythical 'Climate Change'

Seemingly every day all across the country there are tea parties with huge numbers of people attending but they're largely ignored by the Obama-approved media. On Saturday a sparse gathering turned up in Times Square to blither on about non-existent climate change or global warming ... or whatever the heck they're calling it now, but it still gets plenty of attention.
About 150 people have gathered for a rally in Times Square as part of a series of demonstrations around the world calling for action on global warming.

The focus of Saturday's rallies was the number 350.
Heh. The focus was 350 and they couldn't even get half that number to attend.

Just pathetic.
Some scientists say that's the level to which atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions, measured in parts per million, should be lowered to prevent dangerous climate change.
Some are concerned they're not being take seriously. You think?
Organizers said their goal, in the prelude to global climate talks in Copenhagen in December, was to illustrate the urgent need to cut emissions by pointing out that the world passed the 350 mark two decades ago. Yet while agreeing that unabated emissions pose serious risks, some prominent scientists and economists focusing on climate policy said the 350 target was so unrealistic that the campaign risked not being taken seriously — or could convey the wrong message.
Meanwhile, one lefty wondered aloud whether this meagere gathering would draw teabagger-style coverage.

Keeping it classy.
Will these protests get teabagger-style coverage? Probably not. A good fight over crowd estimates always helps and so does having a television network devoted to revving up your cause.
Here's another esteemed pundit with the tea parties on the brain.

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