Friday, October 23, 2009

Pelosi World: Tax Increases Now 'Expiring Tax Decreases'

Only in the bizarre world of Nancy Pelosi and far-left Democrats can they become so creative with the English language. Since Pelosi and her merry band of spenders so love taxes but realize tax hikes are anathema to the American public, the Queen yesterday entered the land of make believe.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is having lunch with President Barack Obama at the White House today. Passing a health-care bill isn't the only thing on their plate. So is the economy.

And tax increases -- or, as the speaker calls the repeal of the Bush-era tax cuts -- expiring tax decreases. "We can't afford those'' cuts, Pelosi says. "We never could.''
We afforded them quite nicely, thanks to President Bush. Soon we'll be paying more in taxes, but we just have to suck it up and pretend it's a decrease. I guess since the amount of money we get to keep for our work will decrease, you can say her statement has some truthiness to it.

Pelosi is also suffering from some awful delusions.
"The recovery package that we passed later in January, under President Obama, has had positive results,'' the speaker said. "It has created or saved one million jobs..
Huh? By most estimates we've seen three million jobs disappear since Obama's coronation. How can anyone with a straight face claim something like this?
"But more must be done. It's not enough to say we saved jobs,'' Pelosi said. " And-- we haven't created enough. And that's why we have to look at the tax code. And-- other remedies that are there for us in the short term.''
Transcript here.

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