Thursday, October 22, 2009

Welcome To Mao's, er, Obama's America

At this point in time posting this video about the attempted blackballing of Fox News from interviewing the administration's Pay Czar, Ken Feinberg, is obligatory, but deserves the widest dissemination. It isn't often we have much to say positive about the other networks news coverage, but at least in this case they told the White House there is a line that can't be crossed and they deserve credit for taking that stand, whatever their motivations are.

This entire attempt by those in the administration to try an marginalize Fox News has been a total disaster for them, and is only fueling the sentiment in large portions of the country that there has never been an administration so hell bent on ignoring and indeed destroying the Constitution in the history of this country. Instead of giving themselves some level of plausible deniability and at least the appearance of being a benign presence they are instead reinforcing the idea that those in power are no better then some South American banana republic.

It is not in the nature of either Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod to apologize for anything they have done, and I do think they are playing a big part in the attempt to isolate Fox News, so I wouldn't expect anything in that regard. This White House will just move on and try to minimize any mention of this incident and instead count on the short attention span of the average American and move on to their next target, whether it be the financial community, health insurance companies or any other non union business in the country.

And we have 3 more years of the Campaigner in Chief.

H/T to Hot Air for the video

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