Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Was Alan Grayson Really a Mental Patient?

Judging by the incredibly erratic behavior of loony left-winger Alan Grayson, people have been wondering whether he has a screw loose. Well, that may just be the case.
After Grayson's latest outburst became public, former Keller aide Johann Kipling told the Saint Petersburg Times that the 2008 Keller campaign had unearthed curious inconsistencies in Grayson's professional career.

Kipling's statements were chronicled in an interview set to be released on November 5. Kipling stated that while Grayson touted that he was a respected economist he had actually failed an economics course in his sophomore year. In addition, some of Grayson's senior papers were accused of widespread plagiarism.

In addition, Kipling stated that Grayson's campaign had a glaring omission. During 1988, when Grayson had just turned thirty and while working for the Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson law firm, he spent four days in the Psychiatric Institute of Washington. What the cause of this stay was is yet unclear, although testimony from co-workers suggests that Grayson was extremely combative with fellow employees, including slapping a female intern in the face. Grayson was released after PIW doctors declared him "not to be a threat to the public."

Asked why the Keller campaign did not release this information, Kipling stated that it was the decision of Keller himself. Keller was a four-term Congressman before the insurgent Grayson captured 52% of the vote last year.
If indeed Grayson is mentally unstable it would explain why he's so popular with the Keith Olbermanns of the world.

Why it is some interview isn't scheduled until November 5 remains to be seen so take it for what it's worth until this Kipling is formally on the record.

Update: Heh. The hyperventilating mental patients at Media Matters just wet themselves. Hey, we're just using their standards. Alan Grayson seems awfully unstable, therefore the story is believable.
While JammieWearingFool is careful to add a question mark to his headline and couch his post in wishy-washy language like "take it for what it's worth," this is yet another case of conservative bloggers proving they lack even basic fact-checking skills.
Coming from the Soros-funded goons that's quite a compliment. If there was ever an outfit that would know about distortions, it's them. The same people who use made up quotes by Rush Limbaugh. They wouldn't ever make anything up, would they?

Such fine, upstanding people that they are.

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