Thursday, October 29, 2009

Al Queda Killer Gets 2 Years in Jail

Boy I feel so much safer knowing that the way to fight the scourge of Islamic extremism is to put them into our court system and give them trials complete with all of the protections afforded by our constitution. I can't wait for all the trials of our guests at Gitmo begin.
A judge in Illinois sentenced an admitted Al Qaeda agent Thursday to less than two years in prison in addition to the six years he already has spent behind bars — much less than the 15 years requested by prosecutors.

Well shortly our guys will get another chance to send this guy to meet allah. Ooops don't let me speak too soon. In a couple of years we probably will not be allowed to shoot at the bad guys anymore.
The 100-month sentence includes a credit for 71 months already spent behind bars and an additional credit of nine months because of harsh treatment during his incarceration.

This judge seems to be full of empathy, kind of like how somebody else was described. You know that wise Latino that just recently joined the ranks of justices on the Supreme Court.

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