Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don't They Know The Government Hates Competition?

"They're just defrauding the patients, defrauding the government."
Why does that sort of rationalization always come out of the mouth of the non tax paying people?

This is not a new phenomenon anyway. People have been defrauding Medicare and Medicaid probably since their inception. Anything the government is involved in is always a prime target since the thieves count on all the layers of bureaucratic red tape to provide them the time and the cover to carry out such schemes.

Of course the liberals in congress want to reassure you that if the government takes over total control of the healthcare system such things won't happen. And you are just going to have to trust me when I say that unicorns are alive and well and living in Area 51.
"This is just like Carte Blanche," said Rodgers, holding his Medicare card. "Matter of fact, better than Carte Blanche. Carte Blanche has limitations on it."
Medicare and Medicaid are not the only ones that are targeted in health insurance fraud schemes. Most estimates put the amount of fraud at about $60 billion a year. The private insurance companies pursue fraud whenever it is suspected, and they have a much better incentive to pursue it then our government does, because afterall it is the bottom line that counts.

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