Monday, October 26, 2009

Lupica to Obama: How About Fighting a Real War Instead of the War on Fox?

You know things are bad when even a jocksniffer like Mikey Lilliputian realizes your disastrous War on Fox News is lost.
There is no greater waste of time in the Obama White House than its war against Fox News, because it doesn't just make this President look bad, it makes him look as if the other side has cut him down to size. He would be better off trying bowling again.

At least this is one war Barack Obama can end easily. All he has to do is sit down with Chris Wallace or Shepard Smith - do the President's men think Smith was some arm of the Republican Party with his reporting on Hurricane Katrina? - or Major Garrett, a Fox White House correspondent.

You want to drive up its ratings? Do it that way.

When you see this kind of new campaign from the President, you always want to ask him, or David Axelrod, or Rahm Emanuel, the same question: If the people banging away at you are such a danger, how come they couldn't stop you from being elected?

The only war about which Barack Obama should worry, one in which he could lose himself the way Lyndon Johnson lost himself in Vietnam, is the one in Afghanistan.
The coherent part of his column pretty much ends there as he goes off on one of his usual rants against Bush and Cheney, but more importantly Lupica joins a growing chorus of leftist media realizing Obama's ill-fated media war will only be claiming him as a victim. Best to let this one die now instead of dragging out a fight you can't possibly win. Sure, the angry left will be disappointed but let's face it: They're not going anywhere.

Admit defeat now and move on.

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