Thursday, October 29, 2009

Medevac In Afghanistan

Here is an ABC report on the work that the US Army medevac units do to help save lives in Afghanistan. Most of the footage, while they were careful to avoid saying it, took place during the assault on COP Keating, the outpost that the Taliban decided to attack and try to overrun. At the end we had suffered 8 dead, but they had beaten back somewhere between 200 - 300 of the enemy. For those not familiar with the battle that took place there take a few minutes to read this report.

When the assault was over the men stationed there were literally left with only the clothes on their backs. The base had caught fire and everything they owned that was in the barracks or in some sort of shelter was burned. The American Legion along with Target department stores and several other organizations launched a campaign to help get these guys some of their stuff back.

Remember these people that fly these medevac missions whenever your local lefty wants to start spouting his liberal talking points about dumb, ignorant, refugees from the street, to describe the men and women who serve.

Or the next time you hear yet another one of those stories about somebody objecting to the display of an American flag.

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