Friday, October 23, 2009

Media Matters Goes All In Against Fox News

Media Matters, the organization which promoted and spread the fake quotes about Rush Limbaugh, and the self -ppointed monitor of all things related to Fox News has decided to go all in in their attempt to further marginalize and discredit Fox News.

Yes, Media Matters is a blatantly far-leftwing arm of all things liberal. They like to call themselves progressive, if by progressive you mean the good old days of Stalin ruling Russia.
Fox has declared war on this White House, the majority in the United States Congress, and progressive organizations and activists.
Hmm, this organization which purports to have numerous levels of fact-checking needs to go back and look at the video. On further review they will find that it is the White House Communications office which fired the first shots in this war. It was the weasels in the administration that decided it would be better to not appear on Fox rather then Fox not giving them a venue to state their side of issues.

The truth is Media Matters and their like-minded Soros-funded organizations realize that a very strong voice has arisen to halt their control of the news. They don't want both sides presented, they just want their side.

This group has been wrong more then they have been right in their pursuit of the truth. They have become masters at clipping videos to leave out pertinent portions or fail to provide context for comments which peg their outrage meter. They are nothing more then propaganda editors with an Orwellian dictionary at the ready to tell you what somebody meant when they said something. They can find a evil conservative plot behind colored M&M's.

No, Mr, Brock, you are not as important as you think in your self-deluded, self-absorbed mind. Your credibility is gone because of your playing hard and loose with the facts in the past.

And unlike your organization, if Fox News does make an error they acknowledge it on air and correct the story.

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