Friday, October 23, 2009

Glenn Was Right Again

Yesterday on Glenn Beck's television show he received a call on what is called the Refounders Line. Not to be confused with the special line he installed that would allow Anita Dunn to call his show anytime she saw something wrong and have Glenn correct it immediately. A phone that has never rang, by the way. Anyway, after hanging up he alluded to some big news that was coming concerning White House communications director Dunn's husband. Granted, he played it for all it was worth, but lo and behold, look what is breaking today from Fox News.
White House Communications Director Anita Dunn's husband is emerging as the top candidate to replace Greg Craig as White House counsel, Fox News has learned.

Dunn's husband, Bob Bauer, is President Obama's personal lawyer and a former counsel to his campaign, as well as the top lawyer for the Democratic National Committee.
For the portion of the clip with the phone call you need to skip to about the 7:45 mark of this video.

He ain't doing too bad for somebody who describes himself as a rodeo clown, is he?

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