Friday, October 30, 2009

Failed SF Mayor Drops Out of California Governor's Race

He's too busy with a young family or trying to control his lawless city that's been overrun by the homeless hordes. Or something like that. The fact he had no statewide support and was already trailing Jerry Brown by a mile may have also entered into the equation.
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who has been seen as a leading contender to be the next governor of California, announced today that he is quitting the race.

Newsom is withdrawing from the Democratic primary amid lackluster poll numbers and meager fund-raising receipts. His withdrawal leaves state Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown, who is expected to run even though he has not officially entered the race, with little opposition in the Democratic primary.

“It is with great regret I announce today that I am withdrawing from the race for governor of California,” Newsom said in a statement. “With a young family and responsibilities at City Hall, I have found it impossible to commit the time required to complete this effort the way it needs to — and should be — done. This is not an easy decision. But it is one made with the best intentions for my wife, my daughter, the residents of the city and county of San Francisco, and California Democrats.”

Although Newsom had been effectively running for more than a year, his campaign never gained much traction. Even in his hometown, which Newsom touted as a model of cutting-edge policies, his candidacy was widely derided among civic insiders.
Cutting edge policies, like allowing vagrants to set up shop where they please.

The fact the guy wan an alcoholic and slept with his friend's wife may have also contributed to his lack of support. From a comment at the link:
Got news for you, Newsom. Maybe there is such a thing as being too liberal. And sleeping with your bud's wife isn't cool either.
An even more harsh reaction (language warning):
Newsom dropped the word "young" into his exit speech, a move that helps remind people he's a rising political star who in all likelihood plans to try again for higher office, just once he tackles some of those festering homelessness and crime problems he promised to attack when first elected mayor six years ago.

Though losing an alcoholic wife-fucker like Newsom will take some fun out of the gubernatorial race, the contest still features Democratic hopeful Brown, who proposed a state space academy last time he was governor, and Republican contender Meg Whitman, the former eBay CEO whose personal voting record is "unacceptable," according to one Meg Whitman.
In case you forgot about his sordid affair, here's a refresher.

Even the Democrat heavyweights couldn't help.
For Newsom - who reported having just $1.2 million on hand as of June - the task of raising enough money to challenge Brown was daunting. Recent spending reports show that even a big Los Angeles fundraiser with former President Bill Clinton pulled in just 13 individual contributions over $5,000 - hardly the kind of cash haul to signal Newsom would be able to mount a serious challenge.

That effort was made more difficult by the fact that Democratic Party officials had pressured the mayor to refrain from attacking Brown and perhaps damaging him in the general election.

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