Saturday, October 31, 2009

Liz Cheney Derangement Syndrome

Those hate-filled misogynists at MSNBC just can't handle it when a conservative woman dares utter an opinion. After Liz Cheney rightfully criticized Barack Obama's cheesy photo-op at Dover AFB the other night, MSNBC clown Lawrence O'Donnell, filling in for the insane Keith Olbermann, goes on this lame rant last night. O'Donnell is technically correct on one point: Yes, neither George W. Bush nor Dick Cheney ever pulled a stunt like Obama's. Likely because they realized buffoons like O'Donnell would have gone wild about "monsters" like Bush and Cheney showing up to greet the soldiers "they killed" in their "illegal war for oil" or some such nonsense.

O'Donnell is so filled with anger and rage he simply cannot bear it that someone dares to criticize Obama. One citizen sees fit to air an opinion and it leads to a near nine-minute temper tantrum on national television at an Obama-approved network.

Just imagine how long his tantrum would have gone if Dick Cheney or George W. Bush did the same as Obama.

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