Friday, January 15, 2010

Coakley Set Up Senate Run While Ted Kennedy Was On His Death Bed

I have seen some pretty ghoulish stories tied to Martha Coakley, from where she denied the victim of a violent crime from receiving a heart transplant because she thought it might give the defense attorney something to use against her at trial to refusing to prosecute a guy who raped a 23 month old child, with a curling iron, but this may show the depths to which this woman will resort to in order to achieve her political ambitions.
Yet her support for Coakley comes after some family members were privately angered by Coakley's early maneuvering to position herself for the race while Kennedy was still alive. Coakley tapped a secret federal bank account to poll her Senate prospects in November 2008, when Obama was said to be considering Sen. John Kerry for secretary of state and while Kennedy was being treated for terminal brain cancer. Last year, as the senator's condition deteriorated, Coakley, Massachusetts' attorney general, used her state campaign committee to buy computers, campaign posters and Internet addresses and hire staffers she then transferred to her Senate campaign committee five days after Kennedy's funeral.

Look, I have never been one to like Teddy Kennedy, but putting that aside, the fact that this woman apparently hoping to get a headstart on the competition, started building her campaign staff even as the country was bracing itself for the death of one of the members of one of the most prominent families and the senate in this country.

Just out of pure decency the folks of Massachusetts need to reject this woman. She is nothing more then a self absorbed, political ladder climbing, cretin.

Hey Rahm, it seems she took your advice about never letting a crisis got to waste to heart.

Via Instapundit who links to a story at Legal Insurrection showing that she actually hit the ground running two days after his death.

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