Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Great News: NYC Terror Trial Security to Cost at Least $200 Million a Year

Well, the original estimate by Eric Holder was a scant $75 million, so he was only off by $125 million. Figure by the time this farce actually starts it'll be about half a billion a year and it'll only drag on for what, five or six years? But hey, it'll "create or save jobs," so it's a win-win for Team Bambi, right? So just to show we're nice guys and offer even the worst monsters known to man the full menu of constitutional privileges, we'll probably drop a cool billion dollars or so. A real mystery why Obama's approval ratings are in the toilet, isn't it?
Security for the federal trial of self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and four accused cohorts will run $200 million a year, sources told the Daily News.

The NYPD's newly revised projection is almost triple the estimate of $75 million in November, after Attorney General Eric Holder announced he would move the prisoners from Guantanamo to Manhattan for trial.

The legal process is expected to play out over more than a year.

At a news conference Monday, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) demanded the federal government pay every penny of the security costs.

"Some New Yorkers think the trials are a good idea. Some New Yorkers think the trials are a bad idea," Schumer said. "One idea all New Yorkers agree on is that New York taxpayers should not have to pay a dime for these trials."
Of course in between photo ops Cheesy Chuckie apparently overlooked the minor detail that New Yorkers pay federal taxes so they will be helping foot the tab for this charade. Ah yes, the best and brightest shall lead us all.
Schumer warned the security cost of the trials would be in the "hundreds of millions," but he declined to give an exact figure.
Just think of all the money we could save if we just executed them.

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