Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shocker: SEIU Goons Place $685K Ad Buy for Coakley

Well, the desperate Democrats are already paying the unions to campaign for Martha Coakley, with some very mixed results, and it's panic at the disco tonight with the bombshell poll showing the race a virtual dead heat.

So of course here come the goons from SEIU investing heavily in a race thought to be a gimme just a couple weeks ago. If I'm Brown I announce another money bomb to match SEIU's contribution. He'd probably have it by midnight.
A major national union supporting Democrat Martha Coakley is taking out a massive TV ad buy that slams her Republican rival, Scott Brown, for his positions on abortion and climate change.

The ad taken out by the Service Employees International Union, will begin airing statewide tomorrow. The buy size is $685,000, one of the largest of the election.

“Before you vote for Senate, here’s a few things you should know about Scott Brown,” says a narrator in the 30-second spot. The narrator then says he “has repeatedly opposed a woman’s right to choose” and he “expresses skepticism that climate change is being caused by humans.”
Brilliant. When most of the nation is locked in a deep freeze, these mega-tools are going to bring up the discredited man-made global warming hoax. As for opposing a "right to choose," Brown is pro-choice so that line of attack just reeks of desperation.

I know the morons running Coakley's campaign can't spell, but are they really this stupid? Well wait, it gets dumber.
No wonder Brown’s campaign is being supported by the same extremist group that backs Sarah Palin,” the narrator says. “Martha Coakley for Senate. Massachusetts values.”
Remember every election cycle we're constantly warned about negative attack ad? Well, Coakley's running nothing but, yet our moral superiors in the media don't seem concerned.

As a side note, it's curious how mythical "climate change" came up in last night's debate, but only as a question to Brown. Check out how "fair" David Gergen was with his questioning.
To Republican Scott Brown, Gergen asked, "Would your preference be to see Roe v. Wade overturned, is that your preference? ... Do you support Roe v. Wade?"

And his follow-up question to Brown: "Do you believe that climate — global warming — is caused by man-made activities — or are you skeptical?"

To Democrat Martha Coakley, Gergen asked: "I wonder — looking back — whether you think it was the right decision to insist on three people at a debate?" She answered yes, and expanded on why.

And his second question to Coakley? "As you look back on the campaign — do you have any second thoughts about the way the campaigns unfolded?" Her answer: "Absolutely not."
Real tough questions to Coakley there, Dave.

I'm surprised Gergen didn't walk over and massage her feet.

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