Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Top Democrat on Brown: 'He Does Have a Certain Wackadoo Quotient'

So nice to see Democrats taking their humiliating defeat last night with the class we've come to expect from them. Here's New York Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner lashing out wildly in every direction while appearing with Don Imus this morning. Just soak in some of these choice cuts. On healthcare:
"People didn't understand what we were trying to do"
Translation: Americans are stupid and were duped by this guy in a pick-up truck.

On Coakley:
"She wasn't a great candidate"
That might be an understatment, especially when this follows:
"She was the worst candidate of the last 15 years..."
The worst candidate that the unions, DNC, DSCC spent millions on, as well as forfeiting what little credibility Obama has by appearing for her.

Back to those stupid Americans:
"Most Americans don't realize what we're trying to do..."
Yeah, well when you're holding meetings in secret and refuse to televise them, that might hold some weight. But the fact is, Mr. Weiner, we realize exactly what you're trying to do and that's why Brown won.

And classy as ever, he insults Brown before he can even get to DC:
"He does have a certain wackadoo quotient..."
Stay classy, Democrats.

Weiner ends by saying Democrats can't ignore the results and be arrogant about their position. Really? Do they act any other way?

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