Thursday, February 04, 2010

A Bleg For Michelle Akers and Her Horses

Michelle Akers was the heart and soul of women's professional soccer for the United States during the 90's. That is not my assessment, but rather the judgment of those who played with her and against her. She may not be as well known to the casual observer as other players like Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy or Brandi Chastain, but without her their accomplishments may not have been possible.

Michelle still holds several World Cup records such as most goals scored in a tournament, 10. She was the co-captain of the 1991 and 1999 teams that won the World Cup along with winning the Olympic Gold Medal in 1998, propelling women's soccer into the fore front in America.

Michelle embodied all those positive aspects of what it means to be an American. She was hard working, never sought the spotlight, and just went out and did her job everyday, and in so doing brought everybody else along her. She often played hurt and has suffered all her life with migraines. Migraines at sometimes that were so severe that sometimes during a game she would suddenly rush to the sidelines to throw up. Often during halftime she was taking what little medication they would allow or receiving IV's. Imagine playing a sport which requires the level of foot and eye coordination that soccer at this level requires as well suffering with a crippling migraine headache, and playing a position that you knew would require you use your head frequently to make a play.

She soldiered on through it all.

Michelle has a horse farm in Powder Springs, GA, whose purpose is to rescue hurt and abused horses. With the recent rains in our area and the subsequent flooding that took place in September, her American Dream is in danger of being lost.

This should not happen to somebody like Mrs. Akers. Here is a women who went around the world representing her country. Who wore a uniform with the flag of her nation on the sleeve or chest and understood just exactly what that meant and what she was representing.

To have her now having to sell off the memorabilia that she has earned and collected over a lifetime is a national disgrace. Michelle is proud and is not asking for handouts, instead she is forced to sell the most important things in her life to make a better life for the horses she rescues. She continues to put others ahead of herself, just like she did on the playing field.

But you can help. Don't allow her to sell off a lifetime of memories. Visit her website and donate if you can. If you can't help financially, help spread the word. I would think that if some many folks can contribute to money bomb campaigns for political candidates, they can get together to help this American hero.

This is a woman, who over her entire career probably did not make as much money as a rookie offensive lineman in the NFL makes in one year, but did more to raise the image of America then any of them will ever do.

Here is the link to Michelle Akers website where you can donate or help spread the word.

Here is a local report on her ranch which shows the devastation of the flooding.

At the risk of begging too much, I would think this is something that everybody can rally around.

Please help if you can either by donating or helping to spread the word.

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