Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Help Wanted: Construction Job - New Opening

That is the good news.
An American citizen said she is worried about her husband, who came into the United States illegally. He is sitting in a local jail after being caught fishing without a license.

Josue Castro, 25, is newly married and was living the American dream with one glaring problem -- he is not an American citizen.
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Beatriz Castro said her husband sends money home to his family in Honduras and is active in their church. She said he holds a steady construction job.

That should say held a steady construction job. Nothing to see here. He was just doing a job real Americans don't want. Even in a state with 10.4% unemployment. Can't think of anyone who is a legal citizen who might want that job. Nope. Not any of those recent grads who face the worst employment conditions in 41 years. I bet none of those young African Americans, which some studies show have an unemployment rate reaching 20% want the job.

He had been arrested 5 years ago for trying to enter the country illegally, which begs the question, did this employer bother to check his immigration status prior to hiring him? How culpable is this women in hiding him from authorities? Shouldn't she be charged? Instead she gets on the television to plead her case rather then worrying about being charged herself with helping to violate this country's immigration laws. If she wants to be with him so much, if they deport him she is free to leave the country and join him in his homeland.

This is the reality of the broken immigration system in this country and woefully inadequate response from any federal agency.

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