Saturday, September 25, 2010

'Americans Will Have to Pay for This Barbaric Act'

Having moved on from their manufactured "outrage" over planned Koran burnings, the peace-loving, bridge-building moderates in Pakistan have now focused their rage on Americans for having the audacity to sentence one of their own to 86 years in prison. It can only be a matter of time until smart diplomacy kicks in and we're shipping this terrorist back to her homeland as a show of unity or something.
Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan has vowed to bring back Dr Aafia Siddiqui, a US-trained Pakistani neuroscientist accused of firing at US soldiers and FBI agents in Afghanistan in 2008 as she tried to escape from their custody by force.
Dr Aafia was handed a 86-year sentence by a federal court in Manhattan, US, on September 23.

Azam Tariq, Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan spokesperson, told, "Protests and rallies could not compel the Americans freeing Aafia but only the holy jihad can do this job. If the Americans were targeted around the world, no infidel would dare to arrest or punish any Muslim daughter."

Talking via telephone from an undisclosed location, Tariq said, "Dr Aafia is innocent; and the champion of justice has done injustice in this case. The mujahid forces will never implore the Americans for her release but will bring back the Muslim sister through sheer force."
Well, so much for Obama's outreach to the Muslim world. Might be time to re-set that clock.
Azam added, "Americans will have to pay for this barbaric act; the act of injustice with Aafia is unbearable. Mujahideen will target the Americans all around the world and the infidels forces will meet their fate soon in the form of destruction."
I just hope he doesn't find out the majority of Americans don't want a mega-mosque built at Ground Zero. That might make him rally upset.

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