Friday, September 24, 2010

'This Is What the Marines of the Marine Corps League Find Inexcusable and Despicable'

There's apparently no level these desperate Democrats won't sink to. Here we have the unhinged Florida Congressman Alan Grayson trying to claim his GOP opponent is a draft dodger while implying that he's endorsed by the Marine Corps League. Now I always thought it no longer mattered to the public if anyone dodged the draft during Vietnam? Of course Grayson's opponent didn't dodge the draft, but hey, why bother with facts? It goes without saying if Daniel Webster did serve Grayson would probably be calling him a baby killer.

Needless to say, the Marines aren't amused.
For the last week, Florida Rep. Alan Grayson has been airing a hard-hitting TV ad casting GOP opponent Daniel Webster as a Vietnam draft-dodger.

Now, a veterans group is joining the fray – only it’s Grayson, not Webster, they’re upset with.

In a one-page letter to Grayson, Bill Backes, the Florida commandant of the Marine Corps League, excoriates the congressman for featuring a still shot of a smiling Grayson alongside a veteran wearing Marine Corps League attire – an image, Backes argues, that wrongfully suggests the group has endorsed Grayson.

“[What the Marine Corps League finds offensive is that you, Congressman Grayson, used these pictures in political and TV ads to further your campaign for reelection, thereby subconsciously saying to the public that the Marine Corps League supports Alan Grayson,” writes Backes. “This is what the Marines of the Marine Corps League find inexcusable and despicable.”

Backes also notes that, as a 501c organization, the group cannot legally endorse any candidate or party, and concludes: “The Marine Corps League strongly insists that this ad be removed from further showing.”
Here's Grayson with the equally insane Ed Schultz yesterday.

Grayson pretends he's up by 13 points, although the veracity of that is very much in question. If he's boasting about a poll where as an incumbent he's getting 40% then I'll have some of what he's smoking.

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