Thursday, September 30, 2010

'I Think It's An Embarrassment'

Coming up next on Man Vs. Food, Adam Richman devours Alton Brown in one sitting!
Eric Ripert isn't only chef who's got a bone to pick. TV host Alton Brown has joined the fray.

His beef is with Adam Richman, host of Travel Channel's "Man vs. Food" and his larger-than-life appetite for five-pound cheesesteaks.

Brown, host of the food science show "Good Eats", has deemed Richman's show, where he routinely chows down on impossibly large portions of everything from two-pound doughnuts to stacks of pancakes to gargantuan hero sandwiches "disgusting."

"That show is about gluttony, and gluttony is wrong. It's wasteful. Think about people that are starving to death and think about that show," Brown, in an interview with Zap2It, via the Huffington Post. "I think it's an embarrassment."

Richman didn't waste any time responding.

He replied on Twitter: "Alton Brown: MvF is about indulgence - NOT gluttony - & has brought loads of biz to Mom-n-Pop places. You were my hero, sir. No more."
I enjoy Man vs. Food and my only beef is I'm curious why Richman insists on wearing ill-fitting jackets while in the midst of crushing down whatever's on his plate. They look like something he was wearing about 40 pounds ago. Outside of that I marvel at his eating ability. As to Brown, how many times can you watch some guy talking into his refrigerator? Dude just sounds like he's jealous of Richman's ratings.

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