Thursday, September 30, 2010

'He Wants Me Dead'

Every time we see a story about how a Democrat is supposedly threatened we see an avalanche of commentary on the left blaming Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck et al. warning of the "climate of hate" on the right. Well, now that Sarah Palin has been granted a restraining order against some punk, can we blame the angry left, Barack Obama, MSNBC and the leftwing blogosphere for their relentless attacks upon Palin that may have set off this loose cannon?
The Mama Grizzly is protecting her den.

An Alaskan court granted former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin a restraining order earlier this week against an 18-year-old man in Pennsylvania she has accused of making threats of sexual assault against her and her family.

"Petitioner testified that respondent has told her that he has had an affair with Gov. Palin and that petitioner needs to tell the FBI the truth about the affair," court documents reveal according to a report in Palin's hometown paper, the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman Tuesday.

Palin claims Shawn Christy has threatened the Tea Party darling with phone and written messages allegedly telling her to "watch her back."

Testifying by telephone, Palin said of Christy in the court transcript: "Bottom line is, he is crazy and could kill me," she said. "He wants me dead."

The 20-day protective order prohibits Christy from having any contact with Palin or her family and he must stay a mile from her home.

Palin's friend, Kristan Cole, said Christy has been contacting Alaska's former governor since 2009. Cole also has received a restraining order against Christy.

Christy is also accused of telling Palin in lengthy letters that "he is trying to follow God but has evil in him, and that he is going to sell everything and come to Alaska with his shotgun."

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