Monday, September 27, 2010

Long Haired Country Boy Writes the President a Letter

Charlie Daniels, who has never been known for holding back on his opinions, has written an open letter to the president. Let's just say he ain't too happy with all this hope and change.
Am I calling you a socialist? Yes, I am. I firmly believe that you are a socialist and a globalist, and that you think America should have a comeuppance and have our playing field leveled to match those of other countries not as industrious or as innovative as we are.
And it just gets better from there.

I had the opportunity to meet Charlie Daniels in person while stationed in Korea. He came to our gym on post and sat on the bleachers and spent time just talking. Him and a couple of band members did a couple of songs for us but mostly he just talked with us and seemed to genuinely enjoy being there. Something you don't get seeing him on TV or in videos is how big a man he is. His heart seems bigger though.

So Charlie, thanks again.

BTW, that song "In America" was written at the end of the Carter presidency and at the time the enemy may have been the Russians but it is ironic how we seem to have circled back on ourselves.

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