Wednesday, September 29, 2010

'I Know What Desperate Looks Like'

The Baddest Governor on the Planet stumped for John Kasich in Ohio last night and reminded voters how desperate Demcorats are with a nice swipe at his predecessor. As has become customary, Governor Christie also fended off questions about presidential aspirations.
The New Jersey governor was greeted with a hero’s welcome in working-class Harrison, 25 minutes from Cincinnati. He answered questions about whether he wants to run for president, local politics and even Bon Jovi. And he offered offered some of the harshest post-election commentary yet about his own predecessor, Democrat Jon Corzine.

Critcizing Kasich’s opponent, incumbent Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, Christie said Strickland is “desperate” the way Corzine was at the end of last year’s campaign.

“You know what desperate looks like. I know what desperate looks like too. In New Jersey, it had a beard and glasses,” Christie said, referring to Corzine.

Christie and Kasich also answered questions during a live internet session and, as has been the case for weeks, Christie was asked about presidential aspirations. His plans next week to go to Iowa — the first state to see ballots cast in the presidential primary season — heightened that chatter.

Christie offered what has become his mantra: that he is neither ready for the job nor does he want it enough to do what it would take to run.

“I just don’t want that, that badly right now, I just don’t,” Christie said. “I’m thrilled to be the governor of New Jersey.”

Kasich, meanwhile, holds an eight-point lead over Strickland.

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