Friday, September 24, 2010

'A Nasty Person and He Wants to Say Nasty Things'

Even the folks who half-heartedly endorse Andrew Cuomo call him nasty, so having his opponent call him that isn't earth-shattering. But the rhetoric has already been ratcheted up to Defcon 5 int he New York gubernatorial race and no matter the outcome it now stands to be perhaps the most entertaining race of the season. Here int he New York market I can't wait to see the avalanche of commercials Carl Paladino plans to roll out.
Until Thursday, the Cuomo team was flummoxed over how to deal with the Paladino's relentlessly personal attacks.

Paladino recently questioned Cuomo's manhood, mocked his father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo, and questioned whether he had the "cojones" to debate him.

On Thursday night, Paladino defended his business dealings as on the up and up and seemed energized that Cuomo finally entered the fray.

Appearing on upstate YNN's "Capital Tonight," the "mad as hell" candidate branded Cuomo "a nasty person and he wants to say nasty things."

"As long as he wants to play the tit-for-tat game, we've got a whole box of ammunition here that we're just going to throw right back at him," he said without specifying.

The Buffalo flame-thrower also said he believes the campaign is getting to Cuomo. He suggested Cuomo had a "glazed over look" in his eyes during an endorsement event with Mayor Bloomberg Wednesday.

"Like a deer in the headlights," Paladino said, expressing mock concern. "I don't want him to get himself sick over this stuff. Take it easy, Andy. Take a rest."

"Obviously he's very upset over the fact that his ego has been challenged now, his sense of entitlement has been challenged."

"Democrats are not going to line up behind you just because you're you," he added.
C'mon, Mr. Paladino, tell us how you really feel.

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