Thursday, September 23, 2010

UN Chief Laments 'Politics of Hate'

No word if he was looking directly at Barack Obama when he said this.
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned kings, prime ministers and presidents Thursday of growing political polarization and social inequalities and implored U.N. members to show greater tolerance and mutual respect to bring the world together.

In his keynote speech to the opening of the General Assembly's annual ministerial meeting, the U.N. chief told leaders from the 192-member nations that "today, we are being tested."

Ban said people everywhere are living in fear of losing their jobs, too many are caught in conflict, "and we see a new politics at work - a politics of polarization."

"We hear the language of hate, false divisions between `them' and `us,' those who insist on `their way' or `no way,'" he said.
Does that cover people who dismissed opposition and said I won?

As to the "language of hate," has Moon ever read any leftwing media and blogs talking about Tea Partiers?

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