Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Arlington Now a National Disgrace

I have regained enough of my composure, in the Army we used to call it military bearing, to allow me to write about this national disgrace. Arlington National Cemetery has royally screwed the pooch. Most of this information is being lifted directly from This Ain't Hell because nobody does it better. You need to read the article about how so totally screwed up Arlington became over the years that families are now having to comb through the remains of their loved ones looking for something that can indeed verify that who is supposed to be buried in a certain plot is indeed who the headstone says it is.

This ranks right up there with crematorium in Georgia that a few years ago was discovered instead of cremating the remains of the deceased was merely dumping them into an improvised landfill.
Arlington’s assistance during this time consisted of providing him with latex gloves. The father removes his rancid dress gloves used in digging through the soupy carnage and discards them in the trash. He also removes his jacket, hat and sunglasses, and continues to search for the missing arm. This arm with the tattoo would positively confirm that the unrecognizable severely decomposed corpse was his son’s. The father still searching as he inhales the pungent stench of rotting flesh discovers for the first time since his son’s death, that only a torso, arm, and leg were there.

Finally, after frantically searching the carnage, the arm is found under the torso with the tattoo mostly intact.
For the whole story here is your link.

The entire staff of Arlington needs to be fired. They should have been fired yesterday. I could bring in a couple of teenagers who had experience at cataloging their CD collections and do a better job then these lowlifes have done. It is a disgrace and a slap in the face of all Americans not just those interred and their families.

I would think if pictures of a fraternity hazing at Abu Ghraib can rank front page coverage on the New York Times for like 243 straight days something like this could make the front page.

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