Sunday, September 26, 2010

'He Came Across as a Big Pervert'

I don't mind so much whether Arnold Schwarzeneggar was getting his freak on at the Playboy Mansion. What's more disturbing is his odd fascination with the Mayor of New York City.
A new book on Arnold Schwarzenegger claims he once spent two hours at a party at the Playboy mansion locked in a room with a pin-up -- and Hugh Hefner may have a videotape of what happened behind the closed door.

In "The Governator," investigative journalist Ian Halperin quotes an unnamed person who he describes as a female producer who met Schwarzenegger at a cigar bar in Santa Monica in 2006.

She said: "I was shocked because he was married. Arnold was all over us trying to get us to go home with him. He plied us with alcohol and kept making the moves on us all night . . . He came across as a big pervert."
Not only is he a pervert, he's totally delusional.
The book says Schwarzenegger's dream is to run for US president. But because he was born in Austria he'd first have to amend the Constitution, which prevents foreign-born citizens from holding the top job. Halperin writes that if he couldn't go for it, then Schwarzenegger would "get behind" Mayor Bloomberg.

He quotes a strategist who said Schwarzenegger "made a joke about how Bloomberg has more money than he and that with their money put together they could just buy the White House" and "go to Washington together and be the real 'Twins.' "

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