Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weiner's Witchhunt

This ought to go over well with an already enraged populace counting down the days until the midterms. A sniveling, whiny twerp holding hearings against businessmen who have the temerity to advertise their product on radio programs that have actual ratings.
A gold trading company has no plans to end its high-profile sponsorship of conservative commentators despite coming under congressional scrutiny.

Scott Carter, executive vice president of Goldline International, Inc., told The Hill that the firm is “very pleased” with its advertising relationship with Glenn Beck and other radio and television pundits that are popular among conservatives.

“We get pressure from organizations to stop advertising on these programs all the time. We pushed back against them and state that we want to evaluate our advertising based on its performance,” Carter said.

“We have a passion for gold and our product. We don’t have a political platform that we are trying to push,” he said.

The advertising on conservative programs, however, is what Carter believes had led lawmakers to target the company for investigation. On September 23, Carter is expected to testify at a hearing of the House Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection Subcommittee to discuss legislation that would regulate the gold trading industry.

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) has been leading the charge against Goldline, releasing an investigative report in May about the company’s business practices. Citing consumer complaints, Weiner has charged that the company overprices its gold coins and also offers unsound investment advice to customers.

Weiner has also taken issue with the firm’s advertisements with conservative commentators, believing both sides benefit from driving up fear of an economic collapse.

“They prey on fear. They prey on insecurity. And they prey on the ignorance that most Americans have when they buy and sell a rare commodity, like a collector coin or gold bullion,” Weiner said.
Great electoral strategy there, Weiner, calling most Americans ignorant. Weiner's problem is he's never spent a minute of his live in the private sector and has no idea that most Americans aren't ignorant of how the world works.

The arrogance of Weiner and his ilk is simply breathtaking. And if he had the slightest clue how business works, he'd realize these companies would gladly advertise on liberal shows if any of them had ratings.
Time is short on the legislative calendar to move the bill, considering the fast-approaching midterm elections in November. But Weiner said he is looking for Republican co-sponsors and that the “non-controversial” legislation could pass quickly in the House under a suspension of the rules, which requires a two-thirds vote of House members for approval.
Oh sure, Republicans are going to race to Weiner's side when they know four months from now this pasty-faced puke is going to be relegated to backbench bomb-throwing as part of the Democrat minority. Any Republican joining in this abuse of power deserves to be voted out themselves.
Carter said Goldline is looking forward to discussing its business model at the hearing, noting the company’s A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The executive also has been meeting with lawmakers this week to discuss the company.
His company has an A+ rating and Weiner's Democratic Congress has an approval rating nearing single digits. It should make for fascinating theater.

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