Thursday, September 23, 2010

Organizer for PA Dem Gubernatorial Candidate in Felony Drug Bust

Who knows, it was probably for medicinal purposes. Expect a lot of this nationwide as beleaguered Democrat staffers try to forget their woes, although they may want to self-medicate with legal substances. Maybe in her role as "organizer" for the Democrat campaign she was just in charge of organizing the marijuana distribution among campaign aides.
A Dan Onorato campaign worker is facing felony drug charges after she was arrested at a campaign office in Lawrenceville.

Lauren Lynn McDonnel was charged with felony conspiracy to manufacture drugs. Police said they found 28 marijuana plants in the basement of her home on Belgreen Place in Oakland.

State trooper and U.S. Postal inspectors searched the house after smelling a strong odor of marijuana coming out of the front door, police said.

Investigators said they were initially called to the house to track a package from Los Angeles that police said contained 12 ounces of marijuana.
Twelve ounces of weed in the mail?
McDonnell was a full-time organizer of Onorato's primary campaign. According to Kevin Kinross, an Onorato for governor campaign worker, McDonnell was recommended to the PA Democratic Party to work for all state office candidates.
And now all those staffers needs to find another dealer, I guess.

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