Friday, September 17, 2010

Feingold Now Trailing by 7 in New Poll

How bad is the carnage going to be for Democrats in November? Here you have a three-term incumbent in a Democrat state now staring at the abyss.
After a decisive win in Tuesday’s Republican Primary, businessman Ron Johnson now holds a seven-point lead over incumbent Democrat Russ Feingold in Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate race.

The latest Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Voters shows Johnson picking up 51% support, while Feingold earns the vote from 44%. One percent (1%) of voters prefer some other candidate, and four percent (4%) remain undecided.
How bad of a drag is Obama across the country? Feingold made sure to head for the hills when he showed up last week and it still didn't help him.

Let's hope Obama campaigns across the country for endangered Democrats.

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